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January 2010

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magickalmelody in rfrp

Banana Bread Butter Cookies

So I made these yummy cookies today and I've made them a few times before. They're very good, and like biting into small tiny pieces of banana bread, that are actually cookies!

When I go for a cookie I'm strange, I like them relatively plain, so I took a simple butter cookie recipe and modified it to give it a bit of flavor, but not really change it too much, so here it is! A cookie both I, and a cookie connoisseur can enjoy. The almond extract is what really sets it apart; I made it with just vanilla once and it wasn't the same!

Recipe yields about 60 small cookies :O
Picture: http://twitpic.com/y7o7f/full

2.5 normal sized bananas (preferably spotted brown and over-ripe, easily mashable!)
3 sticks of butter, soft (but still cooler than room-temperature)
.5 tsp Vanilla Extract
.5 tsp Almond Extract
3.375 (three eighths) cups all-purpose flour
slightly more than 1.5 cups powdered sugar
slightly less than .75 tsp of salt (especially if using salted butter)
A small amount of sugar

1) Sift the powdered sugar (but not the flour) and then combine the flour, sugar, and salt together evenly.
2) Mix together the vanilla, almond, and butter until you can't see the extracts anymore, then add in the bananas. Continue mixing until you get a creamy texture, seeing pieces of banana in the butter isn't a horrible thing, just don't over-mix. (Preheat the oven to 375*F (190.5*C))
3) Combine the dry ingredients with the butter mix slowly and evenly and mix until you can't see any more powder (it can take a while). The dough will be kinda thick, but a little sticky.
4) Drop the cookies onto a prepared cookie sheet (I suggest parchment paper if it's not non-stick), making sure to dip the spoon in sugar between each drop. If you like it, try using brown sugar to do it! Press the cookies down and spread them, while they won't increase in diameter too much, they'll about double in height.
4a) At this point, I pressed chopped walnuts into the tops of each cookie, and then sprinkled with normal sugar for the picture linked above; while the walnuts are unnecessary, sprinkling with granulated sugar really is a nice touch.
5) Bake cookies for 10-20 minutes (depending on oven and batch) until the bottoms of the cookies are mostly light brown or until desired crispiness. The tops will stay white, don't wait for them to change colors or you'll burn the cookies!

I've only met one person who didn't like these cookies, and he was allergic to almonds! They're a nice, sweet treat (with just a little bit of fruit)!